Buy Ginseng - effect, origin and more

Anyone who wants to buy ginseng can easily get confused. It is sold under various names on the Internet and in retail stores. Common names are for example Panax Ginseng, Asian Ginseng and Korean Ginseng. The same ginseng powder is sold under all these names.

Ginseng grows mainly in northeast China and around southeast Russia. Natural ginseng can also be found in Korea.

Buying ginseng has become especially popular since it is known that traditional Chinese medicine has been based on its effects for thousands of years. With increasing popularity, ginseng was cultivated in numerous countries and regions and has spread worldwide to this day. In China, the ginseng plant is a symbol of vitality and health. In ancient China, consumption was reserved for aristocrats, which caused its price to skyrocket.

Ginseng is one of the few medicinal plants whose effectiveness is considered proven. For this reason it is also respected and used in orthodox medicine. This made buying ginseng extremely popular.

What to look for if you want to buy ginseng

Ginseng has a proven effect on human health. This is primarily attributed to the ginsenoids contained. How much of this active ingredient is contained in a ginseng plant can vary greatly.

Especially the age, but also the growing conditions of the plant have a great influence on this. For the production of a ginseng powder, ideally the roots of a 4 to 7 year old ginseng plant from the Asian region should be used. They contain the highest concentration of ginseng.

According to the European Pharmacopoeia, the minimum concentration of ginseng powder that is approved as a medicine is 0.4%. If you buy our ginseng powder capsules, we guarantee a ginsenoid content of 8%. This is 20 times higher than the minimum content.

Buy Ginseng and feel the following effects

Numerous tests and studies have proven that ginseng has a proven effect on the human body.

For example, it has been shown that ginseng powder is able to effectively protect the body against various diseases. Another important effect is the strong resistance to stress that ginseng can trigger.

Moreover, science is in the process of showing that taking ginseng capsules can also help to boost learning ability, concentration and memory.

Ginseng can also be used effectively against fatigue, weakness, lack of drive and exhaustion. This mode of action contributes to the fact that many people take ginseng to effectively protect themselves against depression, burnout, stress, listlessness and other symptoms. However, these effects have so far only been proven in animals.

Many men like to buy ginseng in order to boost libido and vitality. In ancient China it was widely used as a sexual enhancer and is still very popular.

Buy red ginseng - The side effects

As our offered ginseng is of the highest quality and contains no additives whatsoever, it is low in side effects. The natural product is very well tolerated by the vast majority of people when dosed correctly.

Among the rarely occurring side effects is severe fatigue after long periods of activity. It is also worth mentioning that ginseng powder inhibits blood clotting, so more blood than usual may be lost when an injury occurs. If you are undergoing surgery, you should refrain from taking ginseng beforehand.

Why you should buy ginseng from us

We are not the only dealer for ginseng powder, so we have to work hard to convince you with our offer. We do this mainly as follows:

Fast shipping from Germany

We are a dealer based in Germany and our warehouse is also located in Germany. This means that we will ship the ginseng powder within the shortest possible time after your payment is received. Usually it is already with you two days later.

If you order from a dealer located abroad, you must expect your shipment to be intercepted and checked at customs.

Very high, constantly monitored quality

The reason why many of our competitors are based abroad is that the topic of nutritional supplements is handled much more relaxed there. We sell high quality goods of the highest quality, have them packaged in Germany under hygienic conditions and are regularly inspected by German authorities.

In addition, we send each of our deliveries to a German laboratory, which checks the goods for any harmful substances they may contain.

Fair prices, short trade routes

Although we sell a very high quality product, we can undercut the prices of our competitors. This is mainly due to the fact that we purchase our goods directly from the manufacturer. In this way, transport costs are low. In addition, every intermediary makes a profit, which in the end you have to pay.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly packaging

We have deliberately decided against selling our ginseng powder in plastic bottles. Instead, we use environmentally friendly packaging that is largely recyclable.

It also has the advantage that the parcel carrier can drop it in the letterbox. This saves our customers the trip to the post office to pick up the parcel.

Buy Ginseng in vegan capsules

Since ginseng has a very bitter taste that takes getting used to and the active ingredients can be damaged by stomach acid when taking loose powder, we sell our ginseng powder in capsules. These are made of vegan material, so they are suitable for everyone and do not support animal suffering. Buying ginseng is also halal.

Free shipping up from 2 units

Nobody likes to pay shipping costs and we are happy to pay them for you. Already from the order of two units of ginseng powder your order is free of shipping costs. You can also combine your order with one of our other products and save the shipping costs.


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