Tribulus Terrestris - effects, side effects, studies and dosage

Tribulus Terrestris - The plant that provides strength for the body

Tribulus Terrestris“, a mysterious and very interesting herb that has a reputation for stimulating libido and training performance. It is an excellent supplier of high quality saponins that stimulate the body in many ways. In this article we will get to the bottom of the most important myths, questions and facts about this plant.


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The plant contains an abundance of other active ingredients, which are said to have many other positive properties. Especially athletes, stressed out workaholics and men who want to work on their "masculinity" should read on with interest.

We have taken a closer look at the legendary herb, which has been highly praised since 1996 - sometimes under strange promises - especially in the fitness scene, and give you all the information you need about the plant.

What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Let's start with the basic information. Where does it come from? Why is it even used as a food supplement? Since when has there been real scientific information about its effects and what are saponins?

The name "Tribulus Terrestris" is the Latin name for this plant. It grows naturally in tropical and subtropical countries around Asia, southern Europe, Africa and even in the northern hemispheres of Australia.

After one to two years, the plants grow up to 50 cm high and adorn themselves with small yellow leaves up to 5 cm long. These in turn have fine felt hairs. 

Tribulus Terrestris Plant

The leaves of the plant contain highly effective ingredients. These effective ingredients, such as saponin, are found in the leaves, which in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition are taken either raw or dried. Modern dietary supplements made from or with Tribulus Terrestris are only available in dried powder or capsule form.

First of all: We recommend that you take Tribulus in capsule form, because the taste is truly no treat. It is not very intense, but slightly bitter.

Tribulus Terrestris achieved its breakthrough in the 70s thanks to a Bulgarian study, in which 80% of the 212 men participating in the study found that erectile function and sexual desire improved massively after taking the product.

Such an effect hit the spirit of the times and created a high demand.

In short: Tribulus Terrestris extract is the dried powder of the leaves. They are known from ayurvedic medicine and are mainly used as a strong food supplement.

Why take Tribulus Terrestris - the real advantages

Nowadays the plant is sold by some suppliers as a real miracle herb. There is a very persistent rumor that it increases testosterone levels by more than 70% and thus vehemently stimulates muscle growth.

However, we must note at this point that many of the benefits circulating on the net are pure advertising promises (or even advertising lies).

However: Tribulus Terrestris has great potential. But which advantages are true and which can be ignored, we explain in the following lines.

Reason #1: Tribulus Terrestris effect - an increased libido - true or false?

Tribulus Terrestris increases the libido of men and women

In fact, some studies indicate increased sexual desire. Not only the first Bulgarian study proves that a dose of 750-1500 mg per day had a positive effect on erectile function and libido in men. A further clinical study (177 participants) also achieved similar results. (1)

The reason for the improved erection, however, according to the study results, could not be attributed to a hormonal mode of action, but rather to the improved blood circulation in the limb after the intake of Tribulus Terrestris.

And women?

According to another study, not only men can benefit from increased sexual desire, but also women - which is even more interesting in some respects. Several studies have shown a positive result regarding the female libido.

The plant is therefore very popular among women. A study could even prove this with figures. The dose of 750 mg per day led to increased sexual desire in 76% of the experimental group (administered with Tribulus) and even more frequent orgasms in 73%. (2)

The answer: In several studies, Tribulus Terrestris led to an increased libido in men and women. In one study it also had a positive effect against potency problems. The results should be confirmed in further studies before general statements can be made.

Reason #2: Tribulus Terrestris leads to more testosterone and more muscle building - true or false?

Muscle building through Tribulus Terrestris - truth or myth?

From a purely scientific point of view, we must unfortunately put a stop to this, because it has been proven in several studies (even in the initial Bulgarian studies) that the direct influence of Tribulus Terrestris on the testosterone level and on muscle growth is equal to 0.

Products that advertise Tribulus Terrestris extract as a testosterone booster are therefore a lie. The same applies to women and the increase in oestrogen. The most meaningful study to prove this is a double-blind study with rugby players who were given 450 mg Tribulus Terrestris over 5 weeks.

No increased muscle strength and testosterone levels were observed after 5 weeks of taking Tribulus. (3)

However, according to further studies, Tribulus Terrestris could reduce the stress level by influencing the blood sugar level (see below), which in turn has a positive effect on hormone production and regeneration. So Tribulus Terristris can still be a useful supplement for bodybuilders.

In order to make better statements with regard to training performance, further studies are necessary.

The answer: The bottom line is: No. Tribulus Terrestris does not increase testosterone. 

Reading tip: Listlessness? What you can do about it.

Reason #3: Tribulus Terrestris lowers blood sugar - true or false?

Various active ingredients inhibit necessary enzymes, including glucoamylase, which ultimately results in less food sugar entering the bloodstream. (4)

In one study, a dose of 1 gram of Tribulus Terrestris extract over a period of 3 months resulted in reduced fasting blood glucose, long-term blood glucose, and direct post-meal blood glucose increases in subjects.

Even the levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol that cloggs up arteries) decreased. In practical terms, this means that you have a more constant energy level and suffer less from restlessness. (5)

The answer: Tribulus Terrestris lowered blood sugar levels in several studies.

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Reason #4: Tribulus Terrestris has a draining effect - true or false?

To date, (only) animal experiments have shown that Tribulus Terrestris has a dehydrating effect and can stimulate the excretion of chloride and sodium. From a medical point of view, this is particularly interesting in cases of high blood pressure, because it relieves the lungs and heart. However, further studies are needed to derive effects on humans.

Body draining also plays an important role for some athletes. It is part of the standard procedure of a competition bodybuilder or partly also for martial arts fighters who have to lose weight quickly before a fight.

The answer: In animal experiments Tribulus Terrestris had a draining effect. There are still too few studies available to make statements about the effect on humans.

Reason #5: Tribulus Terrestris helps with infertility - true or false?

Tribulus Terrestris helps with infertility

In fact, two studies have concluded that the dietary supplement Tribulus Terrestris improved sperm quality and could therefore also lead to improved fertility in men. In one study, 65 men affected by infertility participated and the result was that sperm concentration and sperm motility increased. (6)

In another study, the same result was found, while it was also discovered that DNA breaks in the sperm were prevented. However, in this study a complex of several components (Biovis, Alga Ecklonia, Myo-Inositol and Tribulus Terrestris) was used. The results are therefore not very clear. (7)

The answer: Two studies unanimously concluded that Tribulus Terrestris improved fertility.

In short:

In the studies cited, Tribulus Terrestris has

  • increased libido
  • lowered blood sugar level
  • drained the body (of animals)
  • counteracted infertility


    10% on Tribulus Terrestris

    Get Tribulus Terrestris extract capsules with 10% discount with the code: neukunde10
    • 150 capsules a 400 mg = 60g
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    €25,99 You save € 8


    Saponins: The central ingredient of Tribulus Terrestris

    The central active ingredient of the plant Tribulus Terrestris are saponins. These are mainly formed in the leaves of tall plants and have an antibacterial and antifungal effect, which protects the plant against bacteria and fungi.

    Thus, the Tribulus Terrestris effect is also beneficial to health by helping our immune system to protect against unwanted guests (fungi, bacteria).

    Another property of saponins is that in small doses it can have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects, thus promoting the body's own detoxification.

    What to look for when buying

    In this section we explain the most important points you should consider when ordering or purchasing Tribulus Terrestris.

    1. Quality standards

    There are, as with almost every dietary supplement, cheap and high quality Tribulus Terrestris products on the market. Always make sure that they are "Made in Germany" quality and that appropriate seals of quality are available.

    Possible seals of approval are:

    • GMP
    • ISO 9001
    • HACCP

    Also make sure that the product has a high content of saponins.

    2. No additives

    Purity is the be-all and end-all. We want to help our body and not force it to detoxify even more intensively with inferior fillers - quite apart from that, additives are always a burden on the kidneys and liver.

    Tribulus Terrestris extract can contain gelatine, flavors, preservatives, colorants and popular additives that are often found in cheap products. Ideal is a 100% purity, as we offer.

    3. Powder or capsule

    Of course, the intake should be as uncomplicated as possible. In the form of powder you have to mix it with water and drink it, but the taste is anything but pleasant.

    It is not very intense, but it is quite bitter and therefore not everyone's cup of tea. Taking it with capsules is therefore more comfortable, but also a little bit more expensive.

    4. Price

    Tribulus Terrestris is usually priced between 15 and 25€ per 100 grams (or 100-120 capsules). The higher the price, the more deceptive the advertising promise is usually. However, a higher price can also be an indication of purity.

    Our tip: Be thrifty and look for a good offer, but do not be stingy and order the cheapest product without checking the quality.

    Your advantages when you order from Fitness Vital

    As with all dietary supplements, quality is the decisive factor in determining genuine added value. Cheap products also contain cheap ingredients and were produced under inferior conditions. The effect on the body is therefore 0.

    We guarantee you and all our customers that the Tribulus Terrestris in our online shop has been produced to the highest quality standards and contains no fillers. Since it is a German producer, all guidelines of the German consumer protection are adhered to.

    Furthermore, we guarantee good value for money and deliver within one day after order.

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    This was our guide to the herbal libido booster Tribulus Terrestris. Beware of advertisements that promise to increase testosterone levels or muscle growth - that is a lie.

    On the other hand, the herb has many other advantages. When buying it, you should always pay attention to high quality and avoid products with additives.

    We hope that this article could answer all your questions and that you will have a lot of fun with the food supplement Tribulus Terrestris!


    10% on Tribulus Terrestris

    Get Tribulus Terrestris extract capsules with 10% discount with the code: neukunde10
    • 150 capsules a 400 mg = 60g
    • Highest quality, 95% withanolid
    • Pure natural product without additives
    €17,99 €25,99 You save € 8
    €25,99 You save € 8


    Tribulus Terrestris FAQ

    Here you find the most frequently asked questions about Tribulus Terrestris together with a short answer. If you can't find the answer to your question, please send us an e-mail. We will answer it personally and then add it to our FAQ.

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